The King Has Fallen- LARP premise

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The King Has Fallen- LARP premise Empty The King Has Fallen- LARP premise

Post  Formam on Sat Mar 02, 2013 2:24 am

The King has fallen. The high king of Raskin has fallen into a deep sleep. He can only revived using the power of four mystical items:
The Flower of Notim, a mystical fauna that can only be found in the dark Nortim Forest (aka the pleasant ridge trail, as seen in the evening). Its beauty and splendor are only matched by the perilous mountains that surround it.
The Tablet of Estan, a stone tablet carved by the Natives of Estan. (Estan will probably Point Reyes national park) The natives still haunt the land to this day.
The Sword of Prot, an ordinary sword stuck in an ordinary stone. But according to legend, something magical happens when you separate the two. (the location of the stone is a trail just outside Shiboh Science Center)
The Heart of a Fairy, the bottled heart of an innocent fairy, hidden in a secretive sanctuary (The Arboretum at night).

The Half Elf (Cassidys person) has agreed to lead the quest, with the aid of the beginning seer Ris Tempus. But their party is incomplete, so the call has been sent out. the call for recruits, the call for soldiers, the call for saviors.

The Rules:

Once a month we will travel to one location and role play as our characters. We will also eat and hike and do normal things, as to not waste the trip. There will probably be time set aside for larping.

You will have to make your own costume, character, and background. You will also have to make a foam weapon, but they usually won't be necessary.

There will be riddles and challenges involved to make this more interesting. So don't worry that this will only be hiking and boring stuff like that.

Here are four big rules:
  • Don’t Hurt anyone. Play Safe.

  • Stay in Character. If saying something out of character, prefix your statement with a warning.

  • Be positive. If something is upsetting you, talk to me or Cassidy about it privately.

  • Above all else, have fun. There is no point if your just bored all the time.

Please give responses below, this is far from perfect, and we need suggestions for improvement.

Thank you for reading,

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